Youth Empowerment

Koncrete Flowers is a mentoring organization which authentically engages inner-city youth to experience positive relationships and life skills in a safe environment. Koncrete Flowers strongly believes that youth can become resilient despite life challenges if they have the right supports. We are and can provide the supports they need.

We specialize in the 6C’s (competence, confidence, character, connection, caring and contribution); which is a component of PYD (Positive Youth Development). Furthermore, we also specialize in the Care Model and Positive Peer Culture as well as behavioral health, mental health and substance use counseling techniques.

Currently, Koncrete Flowers operates solely online. Our targeted audience are youth who live in the city who are considered to be at-risk and/or youth who are in need of guidance to overcome adversity and become resilient.

We are the village to help raise our youth.

What’s Happening With Our Youth?

How to Identify A So-Called Friend