+Mission Statement

Koncrete Flowers is a safe online community dedicated to youth and adults who strive to become better. From posts about every day life, family, mental health, spiritual health and even fitness through different perspectives, we aim to engage in candid dialogue to inspire, educate and hopefully entertain our targeted population. Our goal is for our youth to have the tools and support to become resilient despite their challenging environment.

+Meet The Flowers

Mr. and Mrs. Flowers are indeed the flowers who grew from concrete. Established in 2009, they had a common passion for the arts (music, writing and photography) and individual empowerment and growth. They worked together to raise a family of five, spontaneously move to another state and accomplished to have a total of five degrees between the two. They are both professionals in the field of mental / behavioral health and they are committed to ensure that this generation and future generations have the voice, strength and power to advocate for their needs and rights.