+Mission Statement

Koncrete Flowers is an online community dedicated to those who strive to become better. From posts about family, mental health, spiritual health and even fitness through different perspectives, we aim to engage in candid dialogue to inspire, educate and hopefully entertain.

+Meet the Flowers

Mr. and Mrs. Flowers were established on 5/26/2012 after holy matrimony at a Methodist Church in PhiladelpMRFLOWERShia, PA. They always had a goal to be open and honest about their personal life and despite backlash on how they handled certain situations, it didn’t stop them from striving because it worked for them. They learned from trial and error which became their testimony.

Mr. Zack Flowers was born in 1986 in Philadelphia, PA. With an Associates Degree in Visual Communications, Bachelors Degree in Psychology – Applied Behavior Analysis and working on his Masters Degree in Psychology – Applied Behavior Analysis, he always had a passion to help people, especially young men. Through open communication or even his art of SpokenWord, Mr. Flowers always had a goal to get his point across to enrich the lives of others. Raised by a single mother in North Philadelphia, Mr. Flowers had to engage in and eventually fight to get out of the “thuggish-lifestyle” in order to become a successful African American / Native American man.

Mrs. Jeroma Flowers was born in 1989 in Philadelphia, PA. With an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts – Social and Behavioral Sciences and Bachelors Degree in Psychology – Addictions, she always made it a goal to help those who are in need. Through real life experiences such as struggling to juggle her family, education and career with a mentMRSFLOWERSal illness, she became an Advocate for mental health. With the support and guidance from Mr. Flowers, as well as living a healthy lifestyle, she managed to have a stable life without medications. Mrs. Flowers is an obesity survivor, losing over 100lbs and gaining self-confidence that was once buried. Raised by her grandparents in a religious home, everyone believed she was something special even though she didn’t believe it due to having depression and eventually being suicidal in her teenage years…that no one noticed. She became pregnant with her first child at the tender age of fourteen and had her when she was fifteen years old.

Currently living in Eastern Shore, Maryland, they both are professionals in their career as Supervisors at a mental health / behavioral health facility. Managing to work full-time jobs while being full-time students together and raising three children, they are hoping to share their growth and journey from the concrete jungle of North Philadelphia to the green pastures of Eastern Shore Maryland.

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