How To Identify A So-Called Friend

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“Some people aren’t loyal to you…they are loyal to their need of you…once their needs change, so does their loyalty.”

Passive-Aggressive Behavior

  • “Wow, you’ve done so well in life with only having a G.E.D.”
  • Saying, “I’m coming”, but never show up  #TEMPORARYcompliance
  • ..or they show up, but extremely late #INTENTIONALinefficiency
  • Saying “I’m going to kill myself if you don’t call me” #SELFdepreciation


  • They’re constantly talking about other people. Don’t you think they’re talking about you behind your back?



  • They will use you until you cannot be used anymore. Got a new car? I guarantee they will be asking you for a ride everywhere, but when you need help; they’re gone.
  • They will steal from you….your time, your money; they will take advantage of your generosity.



  • You may need them, but every time you call them, they’re not there or give you some bull-crap excuse on why they can’t be there.



What should you do once you’ve identified a so-called friend?

Talk to them. Let them know that you know. Encourage them to change the behavior and how it impacts you. Ignore them and move on. Why would you want that type of toxic person around you? The only way you can help them is if you show them that you don’t need that type of toxicity in your life. You’re better than that.

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