Advice To The Young People – Part I

Our parents/guardians told us to wait until we get married before we move in with our significant other. Every one believed that our choice to move in with each other a few short months after we met was a bad idea. Some of our “so-called” friends didn’t understand and we had multiple people trying to break us apart while we were still in the beginning of our relationship, instead of being there to strengthen us. We ignored others and went with the flow, because after all, this is what we wanted.

What we did to have a strong relationship is not for everyone.

We strongly believe moving in with your significant other helps you view their habits; the good ones and the bad ones. It helps you see them in their natural environment. You get to analyze and decide if you actually want to marry this person. Do you notice your significant other shopping regularly and not budgeting or prioritizing for bills? Do you notice your significant other leaving the lights on at night when you like a dark room? Do you like that your significant other snore or sleep rough? Being with someone you love is not all rainbows and cotton candy like love movies portray at times. What do you do after you identify what you don’t like? Do you compromise with your significant other? Do you attempt to help them with what you believe is a problem? Do you leave it alone and ignore it ,or do you walk away? Whatever you do, if you love this person do not walk away, unless the situation is imperative to your health or well-being (i.e. doing drugs, gambling, etc.; even so after you walk away, encourage them to seek professional help: Disclaimer)

A wise old person once said, when you get in an argument in private, start getting naked. We tried this once and it was very comical. We believe that arguments shouldn’t be in our home; we should be at peace in our home. We try to make it a goal to go out to discuss certain situations that may cause an argument, because we will not argue in front of people; they are our indirect-silencers and they force us to act civil.

5 Financial Topics To Talk About Before The Bells…

  • How is your current financial status? Create a visual budget.
  • How do you view money and wealth?
  • What are your aspirations? Career goals? Does it involve saving for retirement?
  • Quality or quantity?
  • How do they feel about separate and joint accounts?



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