Rain Allows Flowers To Grow

Sometimes, you need to STOP, BREATHE and REFLECT. Honestly analyze what brings you joy and what brings you sorrow. Is it your job? Is it your spouse? Is it your family? Is it your children? Is it where you’re living? Is it schooling? Is it your financial status? Is it your faith? Society has a tendency to depict and judge what we should be doing in our lives. Let’s be real; it’s a form of peer pressure. We often log on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see who has the latest materialistic items, who looks like what, who’s doing what…and it often makes us feel how?
If you find yourself lost, do what I did. I had to stop, breathe and reflect. I had to pinpoint multiple things that brought me sorrow. I was wasting my life away because my professional and personal life clashed. It seemed as though I picked my goals over my children and I missed important milestones in their lives because I was stuck at work meeting deadlines or going to meetings that could’ve been emails. VALUE YOUR TIME! You only have one life to live and once chance to experience milestones. Stop comparing, stop being envious and start having joy on the little things.
Read This Mantra Three Times.
“I will let go of the fear of failure. Even though I cannot control everything that happens, I can control my attitude toward what happens. In that, I will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master me.”